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Hatha Yoga Classes

What is Hatha Yoga?


Hatha Yoga focuses on the physical body. Through gentle bending and stretching postures, deep breathing, techniques for deep relaxation, and cleansing practices, the physical body is made strong and supple. By the end of a good Hatha Yoga session, the organs are toned, the mind calmed, cleared, and more focused, and the body and mind in harmony.


The Yoga Life Center provides the highest level of instruction in all facets of the art and science of Hatha Yoga. We are committed to preserving the essence of these timeless and priceless teachings in a way that is pertinent and accessible to today's world. 


Come enjoy one of our classes! Hatha Yoga is adaptable for any level of experience, from beginner to advanced and addresses the entire person, bringing strength and balance to the body, mind, and spirit.

Class Descriptions 

Hatha Yoga & Meditation is a multilevel class that will provide an introduction and review of the basic yoga poses. This class is for all level yoga students who want to get back to basics and cultivate a deeper awareness through attention to breathing and alignment. Each class will end with a meditation practice. 

Gentle & Restorative Yoga the physical body is restored and relaxed, the mental one, balanced and renewed. Heart rate and blood pressure are lowered; the endocrine and immune system engaged in a healthy manner. In this class, we will practice pranayama (breathing practices), held, supported poses, meditation, and deep relaxation. Supported poses involve the use of props: blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, chairs, and weights. Open to all level and ages.

Chair Yoga and Meditation is a class for all who want to learn the many benefits of practicing Yoga while seated, and then apply these teachings when seated at home or at the office. Students will stretch, strengthen and relax all while seated or standing next to a chair. The last 10 minutes of the class is reserved for meditation, a wonderful way to connect with inner joy and wisdom.

Class Fees 

Special All-Access Monthly Pass: $108

        (Includes Hatha, Meditation, Sacred Wisdom Academy & Satsang)


10-Class Pass: $108

3-Class Pass: $36

Drop In Rate: $15

Student/Senior: $10

Hatha Class Schedule

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