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Trainings and Intensives

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Begins December 2



Reverend Jaganath Carrera

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Whether you plan to teach or not, this course is for you!

Expand your own meditation practice and develop tools 

that can support you and assist others as well.

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     Rev. Lakshmi       Rev. Shanti       Rev. Narani

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The course will include: 


Tips for making your own practice regular and deeper

The four main categories of meditation techniques: 

Mantra • Inquiry • Visualization • Breath

Meditation Theory

Pranayama Function and Benefits

How to properly begin and end a meditation session

How Diet affects your meditation

Meditation in Daily Life

Overcoming Obstacles

Scientific Benefits of Meditation

Public Speaking and Teaching Skills

Preparing lesson plans for single, half and whole day

workshops, and six week courses

Leading Guided Meditations

How to publicize your classes

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