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Statement of Faith

In Yoga Life Society, We Believe In...

  • Respect for our Guru: His Holiness Rev Jaganath Carrera, also called Sri Guruji, is the founder and Spiritual Authority of Yoga Life Society. We offer our respects and honor Sri Guruji through traditional devotional practices, as well as by following his guidance and teachings in our daily lives. We also recognize that, for us, Sri Guruji mirrors the Divine Universal Consciousness that is in every being, and that the teachings of Yoga Life allow each of us the freedom to relate to God and Guru in a way that resonates with our own heart.


  • Faith and Trust: We believe that everything happens due to God’s Will, and ultimately, it’s all for good. When life presents us with challenges, we turn to God and Guru, the teachings, and the sangha, fellow devotees, for guidance and support. Our faith in God, Guru, and spiritual community helps us to face situations fearlessly, to do our best, and then to accept the outcome.


  • Integrity: We have resolved to live according to our principles and do not forsake them in pursuit of economic or other gain. Honoring the True Self in one another, we strive to have our thoughts, words, and deeds always in alignment.


  • Truthfulness: We are committed to honest, open, and clear communication. In so doing, our intention is always to bring benefit to someone and harm to no one.


  • Non-violence: We strive to be non-violent in our thoughts, words, and deeds by treating everyone and everything with respect and loving kindness. If instances of harmful behavior do occur, they are addressed and redressed in a compassionate and timely manner.


  • Accountability and Stewardship: On a personal and organizational level, we take responsibility for our actions and their consequences. We seek to use all of our resources— whether money, equipment, time, or the contributions of others—in a careful and conscientious manner. In the spirit of sangha, we support one another to act in accordance with our shared values and commitments.


  • Equanimity: We seek to maintain our balance and ease under all conditions. To help us experience the peace that is our true nature, we practice Yoga Life, which is a synthesis of the various branches of Yoga, all of which are derived from Sanatana Dharma: Raja, Hatha, Japa,

    Karma, Bhakti, and Jnana. Based on ethical values, self-discipline, and meditation, the practice of Yoga Life leads to mastery over the mind and Supreme Realization.


  • Love and Compassion: True love is unconditional, seeking nothing in return. We express this love through our service and support of one another. Recognizing that on life’s journey, we all make mistakes, we practice compassion and forgiveness.


  • Selfless Service: Sri Guruji often says, “The dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace. Therefore, live only to serve.” By joyfully performing action without attachment to the results or seeking personal gain, we become conscious instruments of the Divine and fit to realize the Supreme Truth.

  • Mutual Harmony Among Faith Traditions: We honor all the world’s faiths, seeing their underlying essential unity while celebrating their diversity. We seek to foster global harmony through dialog. While the teachings and the practices form the basis of our path and lifestyle, we also offer programs with speakers of other traditions who embrace this spirit, in order to enhance our appreciation of other faith traditions.

  • Ecological Awareness and Healthy Living: We aspire to be good guardians of this beautiful planet that we have been given as our home. We partake of the beauty and bounty around us with gratitude and reverence. As much as possible, we seek to use natural, organic products and be earth-friendly in all our activities. We follow a vegetarian diet and refrain from alcohol, smoking, and recreational drugs. By living in this way, following the practices and guidelines, we support the well-being of the planet, as well as our body’s natural state of health.

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