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The following links provide some of the broader teachings of Yoga.  Including sources outside of  Yoga Life Society website does not mean that we endorse all opinions and commentaries they contain.  However, we support the study of varying viewpoints as helpful to gaining deeper understanding.   

The Six Branches of Yoga

What is Yoga?


Part 1: Jnana Yoga

Practice of Yoga

Part 2: Bhakti Yoga

Practice of Yoga

Part 3: Japa Yoga

Practice of Yoga

Part 4: Karma Yoga

Practice of Yoga

Part 5: Hatha Yoga

Practice of Yoga

Part 6: Raja Yoga

Practice of Yoga

How to Meditate

Meditation Guide

The Golden Moment


A Guide

Yogic Diet

For the Yogic Diet

Practical Tidbits

Send Your Question to Guruji


Compare Integral Yoga Yantra

YLS Yantra

Learn about the Yantra

What Is A Yantra?

The Relationship

Guru and Disciple

A Yoga Sutra Study Guide

Patanjali's Sutras

An Intriguing Behavior


And Giving


A Guide For Yogis

Yamas, Niyamas 

Several Full Versions

Bhagavad Gita

How To Bring Yoga To Life

Listening Heart

A Spiritual Library


A "How To"

Wise Decisions

Sanskrit, Tamil, and Pahlavi

Online Dictionary

From Darkness To Light

The Guru Gita

Sanskrit Terms

A Yoga Glossary

A Guide to Different Techniques


Living The Yoga Life

Full Force

An Intriguing Behavior


Maha Mritunjaya Mantra


Hear Guruji Chant This Teaching

Sangha Benefits

Sanskrit Prayer And Explanation

Meal Prayer

Opening And Closing Meditation 

Simple Routine

How The Yoga Life Can Help

Difficult Times

Guruji Chants A Simple Version

Hari Om Chants

An Expanded Version

Hari Om Chants

Jyoti, Jyoti

Arati Chants

Watch Many Talks and Classes

You Tube

Chants to Close Your Day

Kara Charana

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