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Jyothi Marga

Path of Light

“Let loving kindness always guide you on your path.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

“The foundation of a righteous life contains acceptance, study, and fervent devotion and dedication to the Highest Reality.”

A sound and stable body helps the mindrise above the changes in life.”

“When our inner breath aligns with the Universal Breath, obstacles to Enlightenment diminish, and

the mind becomes fit for meditation.”

“When the mind begins to turn inward, distractions decrease.”

“Focused attention within cultivates self-mastery and opens the mind to deeper realities.”

“With a calm, clear, and one-pointed mind, peace and wisdom arise.”

“Through contemplative absorption, intuitive insights and discriminative discernment arise.”

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Together we can create a haven of tranquility

that welcomes all seekers to walk their path to peace and joy, love and light.

Help Us Build SOUL

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SOUL and Jyothi Marga

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