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Welcome Back to the Yoga Life Center

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Opening Soon!


Yoga Life Society's 

New Yoga Life Center

256 Bergen Boulevard

Suite 102

Woodland Park, New Jersey 07424  



A hidden gem along the Peckman River,

emanating currents of Hope, Love and Light.

A short, one minute drive from our previous Center, down McBride Avenue,

a left onto Bergen Boulevard and viola', we're home!


A uniquely yogic experience from the inside - out.

A space from which we can practice, learn, worship and serve each other and our communities even more.

Some of the features Riverside will include are:


Our own Private Entrance in a Restored Mansion


Reception and Entryway


Sri Swami Satchidananda Hall
Main Program and Meditation Space


Devi Bhavan (Dwelling of the Goddess)
Multipurpose Room


Italian Ceramic Tile, Wood Flooring,

Commercial Air Filtration System

Full spectrum day lighting & More!











Stay Tuned for Updates on

Riverside Renovations and Our Grand Opening

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