What BENEFITS have you received from YOGA?




Several months ago I was in a very distressing place emotionally. I was upset by the results of the presidential election, concerned about the continual conflicts among members of a volunteer group that I belonged to, worried about my health – high blood pressure, and saddened by the physical problems that my first grandnephew had been born with. I felt anxious all of the time, and felt that I just couldn’t shake all of the negativity that was building up inside of me. 


When I read the description of EFT in a brochure, I thought that it sounded like exactly what I needed to help me out of my funk. It was amazing! After just one session, I slept all night for the first time in months! I tapped every night on my own in between sessions at the yoga center and was thrilled to discover that day by day I felt a little less anxious and a whole lot happier. I found myself thinking more about the things that I could affect in a positive way and moving away from dwelling on those that were negative and emotionally burdensome. The physical act of tapping (a kind of psychological acupressure) and the brilliance of the instructor who is able to weave the group members’ concerns into a calming, yet powerfully affirmative narrative create a wonderful, relaxing environment. I will be a regular at EFT.  Thank you. - J. K. 

I have been doing yoga almost twice a week for 4 weeks.  I started because I was diangosed with Lupus.  The doctor recommened meditation.


Besides an alkaline diet, yoga has made me feel great.  The shoulders were so much in pain, especially in the mornings, now with yoga, my mornings are pain free.  So thankful and I think I’m ready to meditate at home everyday.  I will continue with workshops also.  

Thank you for the teachers that helped me at the Yoga Life Center. -  C. H.

Getting the HS marching band ready for the new season requires a lot of organizing, moving, asessing and reassessing of equipment, uniforms, and supplies. I spent two and half days fitting and re-fitting our band members which required me to be on my feet all day long.  By day three, I was exhausted and aching everywhere. My feet hurt, neck and my legs were stiff and my arms were sore too.


It was Tuesday and I was debating if I should just sleep in a little and miss the class.  Then I thought about how it can help stretch out my aching muscles and how I can benefit from it.  


That Tuesday, I limped into class in pain, but walked out pain free.  I always felt taller when I leave my classes.  This particular day, not only did I felt taller but that I can conquer anything. And I did!!  Thank you to Yoga and my yoga instructors!!    - M. Lee

Two years ago at my annual medical check-up, I was told that I had dropped an inch in height. Since entering the status of "senior" citizen more than ten years ago, I just thought that this was to be expected.


This year I was asked to undergo a bone density exam as a routine procedure for diagnostic purposes. The staff member meticulously measured my height and noted my file with the exact same height i have had since my early twenties!! 


I attribute this news as a result of my weekly participation in Marcie Wallace's Restorative yoga classes for well over a year. My total body gait, posturing and flexibility have been over-hauled and realigned. 


Thank you Yoga Life Center!   - Nancy O'Reilly

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