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Programs and Trainings


The Yoga Life Center at Woodland Park, in collaboration with the Yoga Life Society, offers courses, classes and trainings that preserve the essence of the authentic tradition of Yoga, while remaining relevant to our world and times. 


Below, you’ll find programs suitable for beginners, experienced practitioners, and those who are eager to explore the depths of the Yoga experience.



     A regular schedule of CLASSES is held weekly both at the Yoga Life  

     Center at Woodland Park and throughout the New York- New Jersey area:


- Public talks by Rev. Jaganath given at a number of Yoga centers.

- Hatha Yoga and meditation by Yoga Life Society teachers.

- Study Groups in Raja Yoga.

- Receive Weekly Pearls (a quote from Reverend Jaganath) by joining the   

  Yoga Life Society's e-mail list.  

 Satsangs and Sacred Wisdom


     Satsangs are held every 3rd Friday and the Yoga Life Center - Woodland Park 

      and a number of other Yoga Centers throughout the New York- New Jersey  



- Satsangs

- Sacred Wisdom Series

- Interfaith Studies 

Workshops and Retreats


      Various aspects of Yoga and related subjects are presented in workshop 

      format. One weekend retreat per year is offered for those who wish to

      deepen and accelerate their progress through focused group practice in

      an environment that supports Yoga practices.

Special Events

- Guru Poornima/All Faiths Day: A day to honor one’s spiritual master

  and the great teachers of every faith tradition and time. 

- Jayanthi, a celebration of the birthday of Guruji Rev. Jaganath

- Winter Holiday Party

- Others as Announced

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